Playa Guiones, Guanacaste Province, Nosara Costa Rica Map

Le Cabanon

W8RQ+JP Playa Guiones,
Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Telephone: +(506) 8591-7532
GPS Coordinates: 9.941504,-85.6621734

The map of Playa Guiones and Nosara area can be zoomed in or out to get a better view on Nosara and our surf/boutique hotel in Playa Guiones.

When looking for where to stay in Playa Guiones, we are sure you will appreciate our hotel and the amenities we have to offer. Luxury Pools, nicely appointed rooms with Wi-Fi and a full-service lounge. Book now if you are want to secure a Reservation.

Playa Guiones is within the area of Nosara, on the Nicoya Peninsula, which is a traditional Tico town, offering Groceries, a Pharmacy and Soda (typical local restaurant). Our Surf Hotel is located close to Playa Pelada and Ostional, which has beautiful waves that are more challenging compared to those in Playa Guiones. While staying in Playa Guiones, we suggest you take a trip to Nosara to as it offers an intimate local experience.

Our Nosara animated Costa Rica Map (below) shows local businesses to help you enjoy your stay. Playa Guiones, on the peninsula de Nicoya (Pacific Coast), is the perfect vacation destination as it offers all the things people travel to Costa Rica enjoy. The beach is a short walk from our hotel as is the town center which provides food, beverages, quad rentals, and a bakery.

Playa Ostional is a short distance, and you may even see a sea turtle hatching or laying of eggs. We have a link to a Google Map on our Plan Your Adventure page to help you navigate to Playa Ostional if you choose to go.

Have you stayed in Playa Guiones and enjoyed local businesses, not on our map? Send us an email, and we'll add those places you enjoyed so others can also enjoy them. Own a local business and want to be added to our Nosara Costa Rica map? Send us an email and link to our site, and we will do the same for your website.

We know you have a choice when looking for playa guiones hotels and Nosara hotels, so we appreciate when you choose Le Cabanon for your stay. When looking where to stay in playa guiones, it's a good idea to select a playa guiones hotel that has the accommodations Le Cabanon has. Clean, modern rooms and one of the best swimming pools of any Nosara Costa Rica hotel. Plus we have Entertainment such as local performers and guest chefs. Of course, all events end at a reasonable time so you will have the peace and quiet you deserve.

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