Surfing Playa Guiones, Nosara Costa Rica

Surfing is a popular adventure in Costa Rica. There are waves most days of the year, and by selecting Playa Guiones, Nosara Costa Rica you are picking an area that will provide the highest chances of surfable waves.

Great waves are not the only thing you'll want while surfing Playa Guiones, Nosara Costa Rica. Safe beaches are one reason to choose Playa Giuones and our Surf Hotel. The beach is long (over 2 km) and offers waves breaking both outside as well as inside. Outside waves are best for people that know how to surf and inside waves are great for learning.


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Wave Type

The wave is generally a softer slopping wave which is another reason Playa Giuones is favored by so many. It's suitable for both performance surfers and long-boarders. Not too much in the way of barrels but if you need to get barreled, there are other beaches close by that can offer a steeper, pitching wave.

Lessons and Rentals

There are a number of local surfboard rental shops in town. All of which can help if you want surf lessons.
Take a half-day lesson to get your feet wet and then keep the board to return later in the day. Try to surf earlier in the day, so you have the best conditions without much wind.

The Instructors in Playa Guiones, Nosara Costa Rica are all skilled surfers and friendly with a lot of patience.

Here are some recommendations for local surfboard rentals and surfing lessons:

Rules of the road

Basic Rules of Surfing Click on the image to see the basic surfing rules.

In general the surfer that is already up and surfing, closest to the peak has the right of way. All other surfers should give that person the respect to enjoy their wave. If your on a long-board and can catch every wave, consider letting others get some action as well. Thank you icon

  • Look, before you go.
  • Do not take-off when someone is already surfing the wave.
  • Do not paddle in an active surfers path if you are paddling out.
  • If a wave is breaking in front of you on your way out, and there is a surfer on the wave, take the path that does not interfere whihc means paddling wide or into the whitewash.

Playa Guiones has a good surf vibe. Please keep the Pura Vida going.

After Surf

When you return to Hotel Le Cabanon you'll have a shower to rinse off and a lounge to converse about all the fun you had. Order up a refreshing beverage and snack while relaxing to the sound of our luxurious swiming pools and waterfall.